Content Marketing Writer/Copywriter Using words to inform your clients and drive sales.

Elizabeth O Mahony freelance content marketing writer/copywriter for the education sector

Every business needs visibility and in the digital age online visibility is essential. That is where your students and their mentors go to find you.

But the online world for educators is pretty crowded putting you under pressure to stand out.

And you are busy, creating your courses, designing your EdTech software, running your business. That is what you excel at. How then do you find the time to promote yourself on line?

Your prospective clients want information about you, about your services and products. They need to know they can have confidence in you. And they need to be engaged to stay on your site long enough to make a decision about using your services. All of that takes time.

You have to find a solution, one that won’t eat into your time, and will deliver the results you want. It is time to consider hiring somebody to write those articles, landing pages and all the other deliverables you need to set you apart from the competition.

That is where I come in.

Hi, I am Elizabeth, owner of Liz McMahon Writes.com and a freelance content marketing writer/copywriter for the education sector. I write sales and marketing materials for education providers, EdTech companies, course providers, and corporate educators.

But I wasn’t always a content marketing writer or copywriter. I was a high school English teacher who was bitten by the copywriting bug when I opened my own academy and used the power of words to run it successfully for fifteen years.

Transitioning from teaching to writing was inevitable. The same skills are needed in both sectors. The ability to deliver information clearly and precisely, the ability to know listeners and readers, the ability to conduct deep research and above all the ability to hold an audience’s attention.

Today I use my teaching skills to write the words that businesses such as yours need.

If you need SEO blog posts or articles I provide them. The same applies to white papers, case studies and marketing emails

All of my work is delivered in clear, direct English. The complex is explained in easily understood terms, the tone of voice friendly and engaging. And always I bear you and your client in mind.


This is how some of my clients have described working with me:

“Liz is a very professional and talented writer and a pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to our next project.” Anna(UK) Ghostwriting client
“You have a way of breaking complex articles down.” Diego Castro T.S.T.J. Org
“I loved working with Liz.” Sunny, Munich.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Liz as a freelance writer. She has created almost 150 pieces of content for us across several niches. Her expertise, particularly in the career and education sector, shines through in her work, and she is communicative, reliable, and always meets deadlines.”

Hanna Greenman, Content Manager, Domain Magnate New York

Who Have I Worked With? 

Cork Tuition Centre, Cork Ireland, was my first copywriting project. Having moved from teaching to writing, my clients included:

Assessment Center HQ US and UK for whom I wrote a series of articles on pre-employment and psychometric testing as well as guides for students preparing for K12 testing and guides for parents helping them through the process.

D.E.S.T.Y. Education UK for whom I wrote sales pages. Indeed for whom I wrote Career Guides and guides to resume writing.

At the beginning of my writing career I wrote for:

I Bus Media, Barcelona, Local Surge Media US, Pro Writing Aid, US Medical clinics and clients in my native Ireland. Journalistic articles have been bylined in The Solar Trade Journal Org. In the eCommerce niche I have written for Oral Dental Care Org and Firestick Master.com

Agencies I write for include Domain Magnate, New York, Copy Press US,

Working for iBus Media my ghostwritten work has been published on blog sites in the fields of Lifestyle, Sport, Music, Travel, Tech., Poker, Budgeting.

Work produced for private clients includes travel blogs, sales letters, product descriptions and articles. For Pro Writing Aid, I wrote articles on approaches to writing and have written travel articles on Medium.

Who do I Write for?

I use my experience in education to write for the education sector:

Education, EdTech, E-learning, training and coaching, Corporate Education and Higher Education

I use the business experience I gained from running my own school to communicate with your clients and get them to use your business and services.


Do you want to work with me?

You can email me at lizmcmahonwrites@gmail.com

I will get back to you within 24 hours and and we can discuss what your needs are and how I can help you..