Hi, I am Elizabeth O Mahony, a high school English teacher-turned-freelance writer with seven years experience in the industry. And perhaps you are here because you are looking for a writer to get news of your product and services to the world..

If you are involved in the fields of Education, Healthcare, Technology and NGO’s we should talk.

Having been involved in Education for many years I write for Ed Tech, eLearning, and Higher Education. Writing for those areas I wear my teacher’s hat and use the experience I have gained through working with learners both onsite and online.

Being of a certain generation Healthcare, both traditional and holistic, falls within the realm of my experience. If you need a writer for health care products, health services and health technology I may have experience in the area and if not I have the research skills to learn about it.

Today’s technology was in its early stages when I attended university. As it grew beside me, or I grew beside it, I learned to admire what it is doing for our world and to write about it.

Writing for Non-Governmental Organizations is for me a given. Watching our world develop, it is hard to ignore the areas where it regresses and the organizations that work at putting that to rights. Having grown up in a society where the work done by so many organizations is admired expect me to be familiar with a lot of the challenges you face.

But what can you expect me to write for you?

Webpages to let your visitors know about you and your services.

Content and Blog posts to educate, inform and entertain those visitors.

Case studies to share a success with your potential prospects.

Sales pages to introduce a new product or service.

Newsletters to stay in contact with your customers and to remind them of what you can do for them.

eBooks to show your authority in your field

eMail campaigns to introduce you and your products and guide clients through the buying journey.

My Credentials

A former English teacher I seem to have been writing for a long time. However my business writing began when I opened my own private academy and wrote the sales and marketing materials needed to run it successfully.

Today with eight years experience in freelance business writing and a lot of articles under my belt you can expect my writing to be well-honed.

expect well-executed, well-edited writing and a commitment to doing revisions from my work.

But more importantly expect my writing to be attuned to your client and to your brand voice.

Who Have I Worked With? 

Cork Tuition Centre, Cork Ireland, my own private academy, was my first copywriting project. Having moved from teaching the clients who followed included:

iBus Media, Barcelona, Local Surge Media US, ProWriting Aid, DESTY Education UK, US Medical clinics and clients in my native Ireland. Journalistic articles have been bylined in The Solar Trade Journal. I have ghostwritten career guides and guides to writing resumes for a global company.

Working for iBus Media my ghostwritten work has been published on blog sites in the field of Lifestyle, Sport, Music, Travel, Tech., Poker, Budgeting.

Work produced for private clients included travel blogs , sales letters, product descriptions and articles. For ProWriting Aid I wrote articles on approaches to writing. I have also written travel articles on Medium.

Who do I write for?

I write for businesses who want to increase their visibility online. Websites need well-crafted words to do the heavy lifting and engage customers. A professional writer can provide those words. I have written for industries as diverse as a bike rental company in Paris, a Boston medical clinic, a UK based provider of educational resources.

Would you like to use my writing services? Get in contact for an obligation free discussion on how I can help you.


In the first instance you can email me at lizmcmahonwrites@gmail.com

From there we can enter into discussions on the work you need done, the investment required and the timescale of the project. When you decide to work with me expect regular contact for the duration of the project, timely delivery of work and at least two revisions of work delivered.