Welcome to Liz McMahon Writes. I am Elizabeth O Mahony, a freelance writer with six years experience in the industry. If your business is in need of any of the following I can help you.

Webpages to draw visitors to your virtual shop window. Content/ Articles to encourage them to stay.

Product descriptions to allow them see they need what you are selling

Case Studies — Showing how previous customers benefited from your products/services.

Sales Letters.—- Introducing a new product or service.

Newsletters— To maintain contact with existing clients and to introduce developments in your company.


eMail campaigns

My Credentials

When you use my services you can expect well researched, well written articles.. With an honors degree in English and having worked as an English teacher for a number of years I have long experience in working with the written word. Being from Ireland where words can tell a story or sell a product helps also. You can expect my writing to be of a high standard with attention to detail and tone of voice. With experience gained in running my own business, a private education Academy, you can expect me to be very conscious of your clients’ needs and to speak their language.

Who Have I Worked With? 

My copy writing experience began with writing promotional material for my own business, a private academy.. Having left the teaching world I embarked on a writing career.

This career began in the time honored way of working for for job boards before advancing to working for private clients. Among my clients I can list iBus Media, Barcelona, Local Surge Media US, ProWriting Aid, clients on Upwork at the beginning of my career, and clients in my native Ireland.

Working for iBus Media my ghostwritten work has been published on blog sites in the field of Lifestyle, Sport, Music, Travel, Tech., Poker, Budgeting.

Work produced for private clients included travel blogs , sales letters, product descriptions and articles. For ProWriting Aid I wrote articles on approaches to writing. I have also written travel articles on Medium.

Who do I write for?

I write for Education, educational technology providers and course designers and Education publications., Health (Traditional and Alternative), Travel are other areas I enjoy writing for. I am experienced in B2B, B2C.

Ghostwriting services are also available


In the first instance you can email me at lizmcmahonwrites@gmail.com

From there we can enter into discussions on the work you need done, the investment required and the timescale of the project.