Portfolio Yoga Introduction to Yoga Weekend

Set aside a time for you…

A time to nurture yourself away from  the pressures and stresses of everyday life.

A time to reap the benefits of Yoga.

A weekend where you can leave your cares behind and cocoon yourself in the world of Yoga.

A weekend that will give you the skills to better deal with what life throws at you.

Because this is what a weekend given over to Yoga and caring for yourself can do.

We all know the feeling of being stressed, of not having enough hours in the day to get everything done. We know the pressure of having people depending on us.Children, partners, relatives, work colleagues…… And bless them, we wouldn’t be without them!

But sometimes we know that the strain of always being there, of always giving can just be too much for us to deal with. Yes, that sounds selfish because we have learned to give. It is in our DNA.

But what happens when you reach the stage of no longer being able to give? The stage where you feel there is no more left in you? And yes it does happen. Because there comes a point when the constant pressure, the constant doing takes its toll. That stage when your mind is in a spin, when your coping skills seem to have deserted you. And your ability to give, to care, to do is slipping away.

Anyone of us can reach this stage and especially when the everyday chores have taken over and there is no space left to care for ourselves. Because when we don’t care for ourselves we eventually have nothing left to give to others or even to ourselves.

So, caring for ourselves isn’t selfish. It is only by caring for ourselves that we can continue to give!

And this is where Yoga comes in because Yoga is the known stress buster, the ultimate self help tool.

Throughout the world engaging in Yoga has been shown to have major health benefits. On a physical level regular practice improves posture, increases joint flexibility, helps in lowering blood pressure….

But on a deeper level Yoga teaches relaxation, it teaches how to deal with stressful situations….

And that is why a weekend dedicated to Yoga is so beneficial for today’s busy lifestyle.

Because a weekend dedicated to Yoga is a weekend dedicated to you.

On this weekend you will escape for just a few days  from the everyday stresses that are consuming so much of your strength. Because on the weekend nothing will matter except you. The practice of Yoga will bring you to a state where you will once again reconnect with yourself. You will learn poses that will increase your flexibility and sense of physical well being.

And you will also learn the relaxation techniques that Yoga is known for. You will learn the breathing exercises that will reduce the stress levels, not just on the weekend but in your daily life when the weekend has ended. You will find that when concentrating on the poses your mind is still and learn to reach that state of stillness in your busy life.