Content is King. Liz McMahon Writes serves the content that will differentiate you from the rest of the field.

You can expect this writing service to see your website as your virtual shop window, a place where people come to look at what you can offer them. And the longer they stay at that window the more likely they are to buy from you.

You need the type of content that will see them stay there until they trust you sufficiently to buy from you. Think informative educational content, written in an engaging manner and written in your prospects’ language.

To set your web visitor on his buying journey there is a range of content you can have on your site. Think:

Articles about your products and services.

Blog Posts That will inform and educate your visitor

Case Studies Showing how well your business solved a client’s problem

White Papers Special reports on a new product or service with detailed factual information showing you as a leader in your field. Your client enters his email to get the white paper. You have another email to add to your list of potential clients.

E-Books on a subject your client may want more information about and given in exchange for an email address.

Online Sales Pages Focusing on a problem your client has and how your business can solve it.

Evergreen email sequences of the type that with a few adjustments can be used again and again and lead your client on his buying journey.

And don’t forget the magic acronym SEO. All work is Search Engine Optimized to ensure you rise in the Google rankings.