Pokerstars Growth of the App Industry

Seven Reasons for the Growth of the App Industry

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Apps give the entertainment that time doesn’t allow for.

In a time poor world where entertainment or a visit to the gym or sporting event have to take second place to workday routine the proliferation of apps on the market provides a way of engaging in enjoyable activities without having to find time to get to a specific location. Apps which can be downloaded to your mobile or tablet provide entertainment but with one big difference, the app user is participating in the game and playing a part in the action.

Having fun with apps fits into modern living.

App developers have employed their understanding of human nature to develop the products that fit into people’s everyday routines and provide the fun that modern living may be causing people to miss out on. In today’s technologically advanced world apps on your mobile aren’t just for banking or catching up with news. They give us fun times too. With the pokerstars casino mobile app you can play Blackjack and Roulette on your mobile. A trawl through Google’s app store lets you choose and train your perfect soccer team in FC Barcelona Fantasy Manager 2017, produced by From the Bench and test your word power in Wordbrain courtesy of MAG interactive.

App developers are aware of what people are looking for in their entertainment.

The list of categories available in gaming apps shows that developers have a good understanding of what will satisfy the app user. FC Barcelona Fantasy Manager satisfies the competitive streak that is a feature of the sportsperson. Once downloaded the user becomes the fantasy team manager, adding the best players available to his team and then pitting them against other users’ teams. Likewise pokerstars casino mobile app gives the user the opportunity to engage with other players in casino games without actually having to travel to a casino. The Wordbrain app is for the person who prefers to play solo, pitting his brain against the app, to test his skill with words. This challenging app begins  easily but raises the level of difficulty as the game progresses.

Apps for children are designed for fun and learning

 Children of five and under can find games to play, many of them educational showing that the developers are aware of the value of play in learning. Letter School and Endless Alphabet are designed to make learning about letters fun and kids are given an understanding of everyday chores in Toca Kitchen without leaving the adult with the accompanying mess to clean up afterwards. Other apps such as Lego Harry Potter produced by Warner Bros. tap into children’s love of adventure stories and of course all the traditional fairy tales have won their place in the world of children’s apps.

Adults’ hobbies and interests are catered for in the world of apps.

When producing apps for adults, designers have tapped into modern lifestyles.  Searching through an app store, adults, whether their interest lies in the world of sport or the world of homemaking, can find an app that answers their need.

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Racing apps, enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, provide the adrenaline rush that people who may never drive a racing car in real life are looking for. For the would be domestic goddess, Gif Recipes by Emerge Apps, among others, provides the knowhow. The Fitbit app helps people to eat better and manage their weight. Produced by Pegi 3 it works in conjunction with Fitbit activity trackers and is designed for users concerned with health and wellness. And of course for people who enjoy alone time, games of patience and solitaire can be played on an app.

A scan of the list of available apps  shows that developers have done their homework and married their understanding of human interests with appropriate apps.

Apps allow the user to participate in the game or activity.

Modern entertainment, such as watching television or going to the cinema, gives very little scope for personal involvement. Using an app however will demand that the user becomes personally involved. Playing a sporting app means that the user is the player pitting his skill against an opponent or in the case of solo games trying to reach the highest score possible. The user may be playing the app while sitting comfortably, but his mind is engaged in the activity on the screen.

Growing use of mobiles and computers has given the platform for increased use of apps.

Easy accessibility of mobile devices and computers has played its part in the growth of the app industry. Coupled with that is the increased knowhow when it comes to accessing and downloading apps. Developers are aware of that and use their skills to replicate the toys and games that once upon a time could only be got in the toy store or on the playing field. As the trend of keeping your mobile or hand held device close by continues to grow, developers continue adding to the list of games we can download and play whenever it suits us.